March 3rd, 2009

Instructions for Installation of Front Bumper Assembly


  1. Disconnect wiring from front turn signals in bumper.
  2. Disconnect bumper from front body tabs on left & right fenders.
  3. Disconnect front bumper brackets from left & right frame.
  4. Remove 4 inch frame extensions from the front of the frame rails. SAVE BOLTS.
  5. Remove bolts from body mounts, located on core support. Making sure that you do not lose the bottom rubber pieces of the body mount. **You are now ready to install your Baja Bumper**
  6. With the skid plate facing forward, the two (2) tube mounts slide on top of the existing body mounts on the core support.
  7. Slide your original core support bolts through the holes, making sure that the lower rubber pieces are still in place. Put a drop of Lock Tight on the bolt and re-install nut, leave loose. Using the original frame extension bolts (with a drop of Lock Tight on them), bolt through the front L-bracket to your frame and tighten all four (4) bolts.
  8. When purchasing our turn signal conversion kit please go to for installation instructions.
  9. When choosing your own turn signal light assembly, you can use either a two (2) wire or single wire assembly. Your Toyota wiring supplies both a hot wire and a ground. If you are using a single wire light it is not necessary to re-attach the ground wire. Make sure you test the wire first to make sure you are attaching the hot wire to the light.
  10. If you’ve purchased the one piece extended skid plate, the two existing holes in the front cross-member should already be tapped but if not we have included two self threading bolts. You should put a little oil on the threads before install, you may have to work the bolt in and out a little to tap the threads.

Prep for Painting Instructions:

 Before painting you must wipe all metal parts down with lacquer thinner or grease remover. To achieve best results, scuff metal with Scotch-Brite pad before painting.