March 3rd, 2009

Instructions for Installation of Rear Bumper Assembly


  1. Remove existing bumper and save bolts.
  2. Remove all bolts and hardware from your new bumper and save bolts. Install new bumper using factory bolts to the frame, then add the provided grade 8 bolts through the existing holes in the bottom of the frame. Once all six bolts are in and adjusted, tighten all bolts.
  3. To attach tire carrier to top of bed, drill ½ in holes down through the top and into the truck frame making sure no wires are in the way. Slide provided spacers between frame and bed, drop provided ½ in bolts from the top down and tighten.

Prep for Painting Instructions

Before painting you must wipe all metal parts down with lacquer thinner or grease remover.

To achieve best results, scuff metal with Scotch-Brite pad before painting.